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S.No. Title of Project and Sanction Letter No Sponsor / Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) Tenure / Duration Supervisor / Principal Investigator / Co-Supervisor Number of Manpower / Research Fellows Brief Objective
1.  Tissue culture studies on important medicinal plants
Nanotech Chemical Brothers under CSR 30 3 years Dr Kashmir Singh / NA 1 1. Development of tissue culture protocol for selected medicinal Plants. 2. Establishment of suspension culture medium for above plants. 3. Scale-up technology for enhancement of metabolites and purification of the same.
2.  Dissecting G-protein signaling pathway in Arabidopsis under salt stress
DST-WOS 3279312 3 years Dr. Monika Bhuria / 0 Comparative Proteome analysis of three G proteins mutants under salt stress in arabidopsis. Identification of potential effector proteins of G proteins signaling pathway through comparative proteome analysis. Expression profiling of genes encoding the identified potential effector proteins through real time PCR Functional complementation of three G protein mutants using selected potential effector protein Functional Characterization of the selected potenial effector protein in salt tolerance using transgenic approach.
3.  The Study of Technology Transfer Centers to Increase Commercialization of Innovation
United Nations industrial development organization (UNIDO) 3152073 9 months Dr Kashmir Singh / NA 2 the study of Technology Transfer Centres to increase commercialization of innovation under the project ‘’ Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment’’ in India (SAP: 150188)
4.  Genome Editing Mediated Nutritional Improvement of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)"
DBT 11800000 3 years Dr Kashmir Singh / Dr Santosh Upadhyay 1 Identification and characterization of St16DOX, StAS, and StIRO3 from potato genome 2. Development of construct of St16DOX, StAS, and StIRO3 for gene editing/silencing through CRISPR-Cas9 and RNAi. 3. Potato transformation, confirmation of mutant lines and functional characterization of transgenic potato. 4. Confirmation of regulatory aspects of identified transcription factors by Co-expression of transcription factor gene(s) and reporter constructs using a transient expression system. 5. Metabolic profiling of glycoalkaloids contents in control and mutant potato lines and in cooked and un-cooked potato tubers. 6. Establishment of regulatory role of the identified transcription factors StIRO3 in Fe uptake.
5.  To study the crosstalk between long non-coding RNAs and MYB transcription factors for enhancement of drought tolerance in Brassica sp
SERB 4602042 3 years Dr Kashmir Singh / NA 1 In silico analysis-mediated re-mining of endogenous target mimics (eTMs) from the identified Brassica juncea drought-responsive lncRNAs. • Differential expression analysis of the predicted Bju-miRNA159, its target (MYB TFs), and target mimics (LncRNAs). • Characterization of candidate target (MYB TFs) of Bju-miRNA159 and candidate endogenous target mimic (lncRNAs). • Molecular cloning of the selected eTM(s) and Bju-miRNA159 and generation of over-expression transgenic B. juncea plants. • To analyze the impact of target mimicry in transgenic plants upon exposure to drought stress.
6.  Mechanistic insights into redox dependent autophosphorylation and anti-oxidant function of truncated haemoglobin, o, in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
DST-SERB 37.89 3 years Dr. Kanak Lata Dikshit / Prof. jagdeep Kaur 1 Studies on in vivo status of trHBO in Mtb. Transcript analysis, expression profile of the glbO gene. studies on regulation of the glbO gene expression by oxidative stress. Protein Protein interactions studies. Transcript Analysis of some of the key SigH regulated genes.
7.  Rapid visual Identification of Acinetobacter baumannii and its carbapenem resistance determinants using gold nanoparticles-based biosensor
ICMR 47.65 3 years Dr. Neena Capalash / 2 Identification of A.baumannii specific DNA oligo-sequences through bio-informatic tools and their synthesis. Screening of sequenced clinical A.baumannii strains bioinformatically for prevalence of carbapenem resistance determinants and selection of carbapenem resistance gene sequences (like blaNDM-1, bla-23 & bla-24)for biosensor Establishing a visual, colo-based assay to detect A. baumannii and carbapenem resistance using GNP-oligo DNA probe conjugates. Validation of biosensors using sputum samples (spiked and from patients) for the detection of A. baumannii and its carbapenem resistance.
8.  Exploring the resistance potential of pseudo R-genes to evoke fungal resistance in Vitis vinifera (Grapevine)
SERB 5847092 3 years Dr Kashmir Singh / Dr Anuradha Upadhyay NRC Grapes Pune 1 1. Genome-wide identification of pseudo R-genes in Vitis vinifera. 2. In-silico extraction and reconstruction of pseudo R-genes from predicted pseudogenes of V. vinifera. 3. Protein sequence based stability studies of pseudo R-genes of V. vinifera. 4. In-vitro functional characterization of pseudo R-genes in V. vinifera. 5. Transient expression analysis of pseudo R-genes in the plant expression system.

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