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S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Updated on: 03/01/2019 
1.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Puneet Kaur Full Time 18-19/370/Ph.D. 18211001277 22/11/2018 Structural and functional studies on Bacterial Plasminogen activators. 21/11/2023 Yes CSIR-JRF
2.   Dr. Jagtar Singh
Dr. Tapan K. Mondal
Megha Full Time 18-19/196/Ph.D./R&S 27/08/2018 Genome wide association Mapping for identification of QTL/gene for different traits in deep water rice etc. 23/08/2023 Yes JRF
3.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur Agrima Sharma Full Time 17810000983 18-19/39/Ph.D. 05/07/2018 Repurposing FDA approved drugs against lipolytic enzymes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 04/07/2023 Yes JRF
4.   Dr. Jagtar Singh
Dr. Eshu Singhal Sinha
Vinayak Sharma Full Time 18011001243 17-18/524/Ph.D. 08/05/2018 Getting a detailed insight of the molecular events associated with multiple myoloma 09/05/2023 Yes JRF
5.   Dr. Nitin K. Singhal Poonam Sagar Full Time 17-18/376/Ph.D. 2016-TC-23 15/01/2018 13/01/2023 Yes ICMR-JRF
6.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Pradeep Kumar Anand Full Time 17-18/370/Ph.D. 09/01/2018 Mycobacterium lipolytic enzyme in drug resistance 09/01/2023 No
7.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur Parul Singh Full Time 17-18/369/Ph.D 2018-EZ-23 09/01/2018 characterization of Mycobacterium genes under hypoxic conditions 09/01/2023 Yes UGC-JRF
8.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur Ajay Chhaya Full Time 17-18/1/Ph.D. 10/08/2017 mycobacterium tuberculosis 09/08/2022 No
9.   Dr. Desh Deepak Singh Maanniya Full Time 17-18/29/Ph.D. 27/07/2017 27/07/2020 No
10.   Dr. Desh Deepak Singh Lovepreet Singh Full Time 17-18/28/Ph.D. 24/07/2017 23/07/2020 Yes JRF
11.   Dr. A.K. Pandey
Dr. Jagtar Singh
Gazaldeep Kaur Full Time 17/439/Ph.D. 31/01/2017 31/01/2022 No
12.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Naina Grewal Full Time 17/404/Ph.D. 24/01/2017 Tentative Title: To study the role of NBS-LRR genes in biotic stress tolerance in grapes 24/01/2022 No
13.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Deepika Verma Full Time 16/1188/Ph.D 29/08/2016 Tentative Title: Identification and characterization of SOD genes from Brassica 01/09/2020 No
14.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Garima Bhatia Full Time 16/1189/Ph.D. 29/08/2016 Tentative Title: Genome-wide identification and functional analysis of long non-coding RNAs in grapevine (Vitis vinifera) 01/01/2021 No
15.   Prof. Desh Deepak Singh Shally Sharma Full Time 16/1152/Ph.D 27/08/2016 An analysis of cancerous cell lines glycan/proteoglycan epitopes through lectin mediated interactions 16/08/2021 No
16.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Shumayla Full Time 16/1087/Ph.D. 03/03/2016 Tentative Title: Identification and molecular characterization of receptor like kinases protein family in Triticum aestivum 02/03/2021 No
17.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Vasundhara Thakur Full Time 15/1234/Ph.D. 01/09/2015 Transcriptome analysis of Sausurea lappa 01/09/2020 No
18.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Nishant Kaushal Full Time 15/1041/Ph.D. 19/03/2015 Hairy root induction and outer expression of squalae synthase genes in chlorophytem Brivilianeem for increased production of saponins 19/03/2020 No
19.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Javed Naim agrewala (IMTECH)
Susanta Pahari Full Time 15/27/Ph.D. 02/02/2015 Influence of Innate Immunity in Controlling the Intracellular Growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 01/02/2019 No
20.   Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Govindan Rajamohan (IMTECH)
Amitabh Mondal Full Time 14/385/Ph.D 23/12/2014 Molecular studies on CusRS two component signaling system from Klebsiella pneumoniae 23/12/2018 Yes UGC
21.   Dr. Kanak Lata Dikshit (IMTECH)
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Hade Mangesh Dattu Full Time 14/386/Ph.D. 15/12/2014 Structure function studies on truncated haemoglobins and their chimeric forms 15/12/2018 No
22.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Dr. Kashmir Singh
Bandana Kumari Full Time 14/1229/Ph.D. 28/11/2014 Functional characterization of Rv1900c and Rv2037c from Mycobacterium tuberculosis 28/11/2019 Yes CSIR
23.   Prof. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Shruti Kashyap Full Time 14/211/Ph.D. 03/09/2014 Effect of intrspecies signaling molecule, indole and its derivatives on the virulence of acinetobacter baumannii and its persistence against fluoroquinolones 02/09/2019 No
24.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Neetu Goyal Full Time 14/1124/Ph.D. 04/08/2014 Identification and Characterization of Nucleotide Binding Site Leucine Rich Repeats (NBS-LRR) genes and Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) markers associated with fungal resistance in grapes (Vitis vinifera) 03/08/2019 No
25.   Dr. Neena Capalash Mandeep Kaur Full Time 14/1090/Ph.D. 12/05/2014 11/05/2019 No
26.   Prof. Neena Capalash
Harsimran Sidhu Full Time 14/14/Ph.D. 21/01/2014 Anti - cancer proterties of natural compounds downregulating UHRF1 in Caski Cells 20/01/2019 No
27.   Dr. Kashmir Singh Ritu Kapoor Full Time 13/1227/Ph.D. 24/12/2013 Molecular cloning and characterization of M. oryzae inducible promoters in rice 24/12/2018 No
28.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Monika Kajal Full Time 13/1294/Ph.D. 17/12/2013 High throughput sequencing of small RNA to indentify novel and conserved miRNA in Chlerophytum borivilianum 17/12/2018 No
29.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Aashish Sharma Full Time 13/1283/Ph.D. 10/12/2013 Characterization of Rv0428c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: unraveling the role in immunomodulation and intracellular survival of bacterium 10/12/2018 Yes UGC
30.   Dr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Lalit Kumar Gautam Full Time 13/1284/Ph.D. 10/12/2013 Role of polyphosphate kinase in virulence and stress responsed of Acinetobacter baumannii 09/12/2018 No
31.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur Jashandeep Kaur Full Time 13/205/Ph.D 17/09/2013 Elucidating the role of novel GDSL lipases/esterases Rv0518 and Rv1075c in the life cycle of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 17/09/2018 Yes CSIR
32.   Dr. Jadeep Kaur Jitesh Kumar Part Time 13/142/Ph.D. 12/07/2013 Studies on wheat dwarf India virus for development of efficient virus induced gene silencing and over expression vectors and their applications in plants 11/07/2018 Yes CSIR
33.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Nisha Chopra Full Time 13/116/Ph.D. 06/05/2013 Understanding temperature adaptation in proteins: Bacillus lipase as model system 06/05/2018 Yes CSIR
34.   Prof. Jagdeep Kaur
Pratibha Full Time 13/120/Ph.D. 06/05/2013 Dichephering the role of membrane bound Rv 1288 and Rv2223c of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in immunomodulation and intracellular survival of bacterium 06/05/2018 Yes DBT
35.   Dr. Kashmir Singh
Savita Bains Part Time 13/117/Ph.D 02/05/2013 Functional genomics studies of costunolide biosynthesis in " Saussurea lalppa" 01/05/2018 No
36.   Dr. R.C. Sobti
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Hamed Hemati Full Time 13/65/Ph.D. 13/03/2013 A study on chemoresistance of hepatocellular carcinoma cancer stem cells- the role of Micro RNAs - mediated tumorigenesis supression of Liver cancer stem cells 12/03/2018 No
37.   Prof. jagtar Singh Naindeep Kaur Full Time 13/47/Ph.D. 08/02/2013 Molecular alterations in genes and the risk of coronary artery disease in North Indian population 07/12/2018 No
38.   Dr. Neena Capalash Manpreet Kaur Saini Full Time 19487 02/11/2012 Metabolomics Approach to Study Factors Affecting Quality and Postharvest Stability of Kinnow mandarin 01/11/2017 No
39.   Dr. Neena Capalash
Dr. Abid Hamid Dar
Javeed Ahmad Bhat Full Time 19230 17/07/2012 Mechanistic evaluation of Novel Histone Deacetylase inhibitor(s) ub cancer cell epigenetic therapeutics 04/09/2018 No
40.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Damanjeet Kaur Part Time 19180 04/06/2012 Molecular alterations in micro RNA related genes and risk of upper-aero respiratory tract cancer in North Indian population 03/07/2018 No
41.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Anupama Bhardwaj Full Time 19245 03/05/2012 to explore the endogenous lbacterial and fungal diversity for efficient treatment of dairy wastewater 02/01/2018 No
42.   Dr. R.C. Sobti
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur
Sajad Shahbazi Full Time 13/66/Ph.D. 13/03/2012 Computer aided drug design synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of N-aryl substituted piperamide analogues as safer anti-neruoinflamatory agents 12/03/2018 No
43.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Shweta Full Time 18694 03/08/2011 A Study of single nucleotide polymorphism in candidate genes associated with Asthama in North Indian population Yes UGC
44.   Dr. Neena Capalash
Prof. Prince Sharma
Amanjot Kaur Full Time 18592 16/02/2011 Persistence of Acinetobacter baumannii against antibiotics 01/08/2017 Yes UGC-BSR
45.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Himanshu Sharma Full Time 18529 28/01/2011 Exploring the bacterial diversity of α-amylase producing isolates from hot springs and to study the production, purification and characterization of α-amylase from high yielding isolate 02/01/2018 Yes UGC-BSR
46.   Dr. Jagtar Singh Sonu Bhatia Part Time 18387 26/10/2010 Exploring the bacterial diversity of α-galactosidase producing isolates from hot springs and to study the production, purification and characterization ofα -galactosidase from high yielding isolate. 25/10/2018 No

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